About The High Tide
The High Tide is not just about Presidential candidate Ron Paul, but about the idea of returning America back to it's founding principles of freedom and liberty.


A small group of dedicated grassroots artists have created a new 60 second promo/TV ad for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, entitled "The High Tide". The ad combines carefully edited audio from various Ron Paul speeches with high end computer animation, motion graphics, and a moving musical score, into a unique presentation that is reaching new eyes and reinvigorating the dedicated Ron Paul grassroots.

Serving as lead animator, Arcfx's Nathan Evans conceptualized the project and reached out to various grassroots activists, tapping into individual creative talents the Ron Paul Revolution is famous for. Coming in early on, Ron Paul CNN/Youtube ad competition winner Chris Rye (AdamT from RonPaulForums.com) built the audio from famous speeches given at the Robert A. Taft Club and the Ann Arbor, Michigan rally where Ron Paul drew a crowd of over 2000.

The ad came together throughout a 3 month period of collaboration over every single detail of the spot, from subtleties in the computer model's movements to the musical score, written by Hope Anthem's young and talented songwriter Marc Scibilia. The water and flooding seen through the imagery represents America drowning in debt and endless problems. As the speech turns inspirational, the water begins draining down, freeing Americans to reclaim their country from the corruption and special interests that have led them astray.

Patience and attention to detail paid off, ultimately delivering a very accurate computerized representation of Ron Paul speaking truths the Establishment media try so hard to hold back from the masses. The ad has already touched many hearts and minds, racking up hundreds of thousands of Youtube views. Many have said The High Tide could very well be the best political advertisement of all time, and will help establish the Ron Paul Revolution as we move forward with the message of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity.

The ad's creators hope to peak new interest in "this guy Ron Paul" and get new people looking into what the hype is all about. There is so much to the Ron Paul Revolution that can be easily overlooked without a little education on the subject matter. Once people truly grasp the message, ie taking the Red Pill, there is no turning back. Once people see through the facade of mainstream media spin and propaganda they are changed forever.

Chris Rye's American Liberty Coalition has successfully aired The High Tide in Philadelphia, PA and throughout the states of Idaho and South Dakota. Even though John McCain may have won the Republican nomination, Ron Paul remains in the race giving voters a true conservative option at the polls.

Update 6/1/08: The American Liberty Coalition has launched Operation St. Paul, an effort to saturate Saint Paul, Minnesota with billboards and other advertising promoting Ron Paul's new book and New York Times Bestseller The Revolution: A Manifesto. The GOP will hold it's national convention in Saint Paul Sept. 1-4.

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